My work celebrates the continual change that characterizes life in a dynamic environment; and, supposes that our known existence is only one variant of an infinite number of options. The Building Blocks series is intended to articulate these possibilities, while also evoking a sense of transience, and alluding to the intensity of that which we seek to accomplish in a short amount of time: a steady pitch of ideas, developed then deconstructed; a feast of creations, at once strange, dangerous and beautiful; an enraptured study of our own potential - the cycles of human culture searching for itself. "...flow systems configure and reconfigure themselves to overcome the friction and other forms of resistance that hinder them."1

This evolutionary process of invention is not only the subject of my work, but is also mirrored in the method used to craft the compositions: images are collected, spliced, layered, and branched into multiple offspring, each derived from a similar root. The photographed urban spaces and industrial objects gradually morph, dissolve and reform, becoming progressively more organic and exponentially more intricate with each iteration. As with civilizations, the series develops cumulatively, whereby each stage of discovery permits the next.

Through my practice, I seek to draw on the capacity of the arts as a tool for analysis and invention; and, as a bridge between the real and the imagined - the premise being that by providing one's imagined notions with a platform, they begin to breed and flourish as theories and concepts. By furnishing our dreams with homes, in the format of a work of art, they are substantiated and permitted life within the physical realm. By liberating the passing apparitions of uncharted, equivocal spaces, they begin to coalesce and take root as plausible ideas. And by this means, we are able to narrow the gap between the conceivable, the possible, and the actual."To give rise to the world we know, enormous forces have to almost exactly cancel each other out, like the two sides of an evenly matched tug-of-war. For the physicist, this means that negative and positive charges have to just balance. For the yogi, that the pure power of consciousness holds itself back from creating every possible world at once, in order to allow something more definite and concrete to emerge." 2

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2. Tom Weaver, The Original Light (Ascent Magazine, Spring 2009)